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Ever since the engine was invented, in the late nineteenth century, people have viewed it purely as another means of getting from A to B. There were also a rare few people who saw the invention as an opportunity to test themselves and the machine, to the limit, and to get from A to B quicker than anybody else.

Over a century has passed since this invention, and it has been added to and improved in so many ways, so that a new person can be crowned the quickest. In 1950, Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA) thought up of a new and faster way of racing; Formula One. The sport is now so competitive that everyone needs the coveted Formula 1 title.

The first ever race of Formula 1 was in 1950 at Silverstone, in England. After this race the teams and drivers loved it and so did the fans, if possible even more than the drivers. Fomula 1 racing has come on so much more in it's 60 year life. In the past 5 years loads of aerodynamic and performance changes have occured. Driving I'm Formula 1 is a dream for most and only a reality for few.

This Wiki documents all of the 31 World Champions, the World Championships, all the way from the first ever world champion in 1950, Nino Farina, up to the present day one, Sebastian Vettel. Everything from the best Constructors and the all time amazing Circuits.

So if you have any further knowledge please add to this website, but only with permission from me, Gamereviewer.

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